Wget Data

C-PROOF Glider Data

Downloading Glider Data

Get glider data:

The science files are created in L0_timeseries and L0_gridfiles. These are proper nectdf files that have metadata and attributes, and should be compliant with US-IOOS standards.

By default, the wget will download data to the directory the user is in.
If you would like save the data in a different location use the flag
where outdir is the name of the directory you would like to download data to.

To download all mission data, type command

wget -N --directory-prefix=outdir --input-file=http://cproof.uvic.ca/gliderdata/deployments/mission_all.txt

To download all the data by glider line or by platform, replace mission_all.txt with one of the following:

Glider lines





dfo-[[ glidername ]].txt