Canadian-Pacific Robotic Ocean Observing Facility

The Canadian-Pacific Robotic Ocean Observing Facility was initiated with CFI/BCKDF funding to build ocean observing capacity off the British Columbia coast. It operates a fleet of autonomous gliders, floats, and moorings providing ocean scientists with long-term monitoring of the ocean at the small scales important to resolve upper ocean physical and biological properties.


To date, our gliders have traveled 31295 km.
C-PROOF glider deployments are under way! Check out our Deployments Page to see the list of glider deployments and access data, and check out our Platforms Page for information about the Argo floats:


Operational Partners

University of Victoria University of British Columbia Hakai Institute Fisheries and Oceans Canada


Canadian Foundation of Innovation British Columbia Knowldge Development Fund Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Hakai Institute NSERC-CRSNG Ocean Networks Canada


Axys Technologies Teledyne-Webb Research Alseamar Alcen Rockland Scientific ASL Environmental Sciences

Recent News

Saanich Inlet "Glider Camp"

2019-03-12 to 2019-03-15

New UVic Glider Rosie

New Glider arrives at UVic